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Pest control
how to get rid of the cockroaches, ants, bedbugs... at flat, home, office...

    Master 250CS is specially developed professional pest control microencapsulated preparation. You can solve the problem with cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, wasps and many others insects by yourself very easy and fast. The preparation is packed into the small bottle which you can see on the picture left side- very easy and safety to use. Very low odor, no allergy, and other inconveniences!
Master 250 is efficient against almost all types of crawling insects;
Master 250 has highest records of toxicology for humans, animals and birds;
Protecting from insects during long time (up to 6 months);
Low odor - no allergy - no inconveniences;
Efficient on the any surfaces including concrete, wood, wallpapers and others;
Not repellents the insects, but terminates whole their population;
No any petroleum or colored stains;
Keeps its efficient under impact of sunlight or temperature (below 60 oC);
One bottle of Master 250 is enough to prepare 1 liter of solution for treating about 70 m2 by "barrier" method.

No one another household insecticide has all these attributes simultaneously!

You do not need any more to run around the shops looking for some aerosols, or "miracle" bait-stations or gels, where pests should get-in somehow. No need to call desinsector who will treat your flat by only him known solution, after what you need to ventilate your room during whole week, or change your wallpapers with yellow stains. All these troubles in the past now!
Just call us by phone (495) 507-6628 or send

and our courier will deliver the product to your nearest undegraund station.
The price for 1 bottle (40ml) of Master 250 is 850 RUR including delivery*
Order 2 bottles or more and save 200 RUR from each unit starting from 2nd!

*Delivery means - only Moscow's and St.Petersburg's metro-station nearest to you.

Bellow is description of the treatment procedure:
It is important to shake well the bottle with solution during the treatment, each 2-3 minutes.
During the treatment against crawling insects (cockroaches, bedbugs, and others) you should apply the solution by so called "barrier" method - making the "barriers" like displayed on the picture.

The product has postponed insecticide effect. The insects will die gradually, having a time to share the microcapsules of product with others insects in the nests. The doom of whole insect population usually approaching within 14-30 days. The pests simply disappear from your accommodation.

  Information and orders call +7(495) 507 6628  

Product is registered by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation by №Р.000441.12.03 at 26.12.2003.
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Master 250 is the easiest way to kill any crawling pests!